Gary Wobeser

Master Teacher Award - Fall 1992

Professor Wobeser received his Doctoral degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1973. He was first associated with the Department of Veterinary Pathology during the 1969-70 academic year as an Instructor with term. He was tenured in the Department in 1974 and promoted to Full Professor in 1977.

Dr. Wobeser's specialty is wildlife diseases. He has a comprehensive knowledge of veterinary pathology and more particularly the pathology of diseases of wildlife animals. Dr. Wobeser has established an international reputation as an authority in the field of wildlife health because of his research, diagnostic abilities, and consultative skills. He has contributed to the university's prestige by making it a focal point for students and professionals in Canada and abroad who are interested, and involved, in issues of wildlife health. His short courses for wildlife biologists are attended by participants from across Canada and he has given presentations, papers and lectures across North America on wildlife diseases. Dr. Wobeser has also distinguished himself as a scholar with his publications in refereed journals, chapters in books and as an author. His book, Disease of Wild Waterfowl, is the standard reference and textbook for wildlife diseases in this species group.

As a teacher, his presentation of information reflects his genuine interest and insatiable curiosity which is contagious to his students both at the undergraduate and graduate level. His colleagues and students describe him as a highly informed teacher who teaches and explains in a modest and gentle manner which encourages students to ask questions and discuss their concerns. Dr. Wobeser was selected by students to receive the Pre-Clinical Professor of the Year Award in 1982, 1984, 1987 and in 1989. He was the recipient of the Norden Distinguished Teaching Award in 1984 which is the most prestigious award given to WCVM faculty for excellence in teaching.