Carey Williamson

Master Teacher Award - Fall 2000

Professor Carey L. Williamson of the Department of Computer Science received his B.Sc., with Honours, at the University of Saskatchewan and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, one of the world's three top universities in his field. He joined the Department of Computer Science in 1991 and was promoted to the rank of Full Professor in 1998.

"The great teacher inspires," writes one of Dr. Williamson's former students, "and I received great inspiration" from his classes. Another former student gratefully recalls that Professor Williamson "guided me down a path that ultimately led to a job at one of the premiere computer research laboratories in the world." Carey's student evaluations, year after year, are permeated with words like "excellent," "exceptional," "dynamic," "original," "fair," "superb." Professor Wiliamson has been designated "Professor of the Year" four times by third and fourth year Computer Science students.

Dr. Williamson's colleagues are just as enthusiastic about his teaching, adding to that their admiration for his scholarship and research. Since joining the Department of Computer Science, he has compiled an impressive record of accomplishment in his classroom teaching, in his graduate student supervision, and in his research. "Professor Williamson," writes another professor, speaking of a distance learning experiment, "is like a maestro in front of a large orchestra, coordinating a wide variety of electronic aids, interacting with local students (in the studio) and remote students (accessible through video or audio connections to Edmonton and Calgary), while continuing to present the material in his usual highly organized style."

Dr. Williamson is regarded as one of the foremost experts in computer networking and Internet performance. He has published widely, has been invited to speak at universities and industrial labs all over the world and has served as Programs Chair for two recent international conferences. He is truly the complete teacher-scholar, highly deserving of the Master Teacher Award.