Susan Whiting

Distinguished Graduate Supervisor Award - Fall 2009

Susan Whiting came to the University of Saskatchewan in 1988, just as the new Division of Nutrition and Dietetics was being formed in the current College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. In her role as division head and as assistant dean for research and graduate affairs, she and her colleagues committed to build both the undergraduate program in nutrition and dietetics, and the nutrition graduate program. Over the past 21 years, she has supervised more than 20 graduate students in master’s and PhD programs.

Whiting’s supervisory style is to match a student’s interests and abilities to a current research project. Hence, the student makes his or her unique contribution in an ongoing research. While all aspects of the research process are included in each student’s project, emphasis is placed on quality work, academic writing, research productivity, and time management. Consequently, Whiting’s graduate students have made considerable contributions in their field in the form of peer-reviewed journal articles, and presentations at national and international scientific conferences, and they have received a variety of awards.