Dan Pennock

Master Teacher Award - Fall 2006

Professor Dan Pennock personifies the qualities of a Master Teacher. He is a remarkable teacher, an inspiring colleague and dedicated educator. As a Professor of Soil Science in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, Dan has a well-established reputation for teaching excellence with students and colleagues alike, and he is a recognized expert in his field. He contributes to the enhancement of teaching through a range of committee work and activities within his own College and across the University.

Collecting letters of support for Professor Pennock’s Master Teacher Award was easy. Everyone, from former students to current colleagues, is equally enthusiastic about recognizing Dan’s teaching abilities. The widespread support is easy to explain─Dan does a great job, he loves teaching and is committed to excellence. His dedication to teaching is infectious and impossible to ignore. He certainly possesses a natural talent for communication, and works diligently at his craft. Dan prepares well for classes, searching for new methods and developing instructive resource materials. He makes it look easy, injecting humor to brighten the classroom and ensure that students are smiling as they learn.

Student comments on instructor evaluations are consistently positive and confirm that Dan is a Master Teacher. One student wrote “Top rate – absolutely one of the best Profs I’ve personally had at the U of S”. Other students wrote “The best professor I have ever had! Keep doing what you are doing!”, “He had a very good attitude towards all students and did a great job of promoting independent thinking.”, “Awesome! Always made time for everyone’s questions and answered in ways that were easy to understand.”, and “He is truly deserving of an award of this magnitude”.

The Agriculture Students Association has recognized Dr. Pennock as Professor of the Year in 1996 and 2005, showing their appreciation of his commitment to them through excellence in teaching. The North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) awarded Dan a Teaching Award of merit in 2005, indicating that his reputation extends beyond this University.

Dan is a teacher/scholar, directing a productive research program and contributing substantially to graduate instruction. He frequently is identified as someone who contributes substantially to graduate student success and learning experiences in exit surveys of graduating M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.

Colleagues across the University appreciate Dan in terms of his leadership and commitment to teaching. They recognize his diligence, creativity and in-depth understanding of scholarship across our campus. Importantly, Dan is recognized as an outstanding mentor, for new graduate students and research colleagues, new professors early in their careers, and faculty in his Department and College.

It is more than fitting that the scholarship of teaching is recognized at this convocation of graduates. Professor Dan Pennock is a very deserving recipient of the Master Teacher Award for Fall Convocation 2006 and is to be warmly congratulated.