W.M. (Mike) Ingledew

Doctor of Science - Spring 2009

W.M. (Mike) Ingledew graduated from UBC in 1965 with a BSc and in 1969 with a PhD, both in microbiology. He began his career at the University of Saskatchewan in 1970 as an industrial microbiologist teaching fermentation science, fuel alcohol production and brewing.  He and his students published 170 research papers and book chapters, and delivered 225 invited presentations worldwide. Ingledew’s specialization is high gravity fermentation, the increasing of alcohol concentration in fermentors and elucidation of the problems caused by bacterial end products in the fuel alcohol industry. His research is in industrial practice.

Ingledew spent a year as an NRC senior industrial fellow at Molson of Canada in Montreal, a sabbatical in the Viticulture and Enology Department at the University of California, and another at Broin and Associates in Sioux Falls SD.  He also has extensive industrial liaison and consulting experience in industry.

In 1999, Ingledew received the Alltech Medal of Excellence for his work in advancing the biochemistry of yeast for alcohol processing and in 2006, the Fuel Alcohol Workshop Award of Excellence for research and technology advances in industry. He retired from the University in June 2007 and now lives in Parksville, B.C., but still cheers for the Riders.