Mel Hosain

Master Teacher Award - Fall 1988

Dr. Mel Hosain obtained his B.Sc. from the University of Dacca in 1960, his M.Sc. from the University of Manitoba in 1963 and his PhD from the Technical University of Nova Scotia in 1969.

His research activities encompass three areas. The first is experimental research on composite floor systems, steel components and connections. This research is supported by the NSERC and the steel industry, and is directed towards the study of new structural systems and to the development of design methodology. Current emphasis is on full size test of conventional composite floor systems to verify the reliability of empirical equations developed earlier using push-out test specimens.

He also performs research on Computer Related Topics such as Object Oriented Programming in Finite Element Analysis, Applications of Expert Systems in Structural Design and Applications of Boundary Element Method in Linear Elastic Analysis.

His third field of research interests lies in Research on University Teaching including effective teaching using semi-notes, enhancement of learning: simple applications of computers and the three E's of teaching: enduring, effective and entertaining.

Dr. Hosain is a member of the Canadian Standard Association's Technical Committee on Steel Structures (CSA S16.1) and the President of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (1997-98). He is the recipient of numerous teaching excellence awards including the University of Saskatchewan Master Teacher (1988), 3M Fellowship (1994) and the CCPE Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education (Inaugural year 1995).