Michael Hayden

Master Teacher Award - Spring 2000

Professor Hayden has devoted more than three decades to the University of Saskatchewan and its students. He received his B.A. with honours and his Master's degree from John Carroll University in Ohio, then spent a year at the University of Paris as a Fulbright Fellow in 1960. He received his PhD in History from Loyola University in 1963. After teaching for several years at the University of Detroit, he joined the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan in 1966. He achieved the rank of Professor of History at the University of Saskatchewan in 1974.

Professor Hayden has a remarkable range of teaching accomplishments. He has been an innovative classroom teacher, an inspiring graduate supervisor, a mentor for undergraduate and graduate students, and a pioneer in distance education.

The University received more than 40 letters supporting his nomination as Master Teacher. All of the letters from his former students praise the passion he gives to his teaching and the excitement he generates in learning. One student sums up Professor Hayden's impact on his life and career. "I owe most of what is good in intellectual life to Michael Hayden and suspect that many others do too. This award will be elevated by his possession of it." Dozens of students wrote in praise of his teaching skills , his encouragement and enthusiasm, his unfailing interest in their questions and concerns and his warmth and support through difficult or discouraging periods of their careers. His focus on social history is a new and welcome approach for many students who discover for the first time the music, art and daily life of the past as well as its kings, queens and parliaments. He was also the first professor at this university to teach introductory history as a televised course for distance education. He helps new university instructors to improve their own teaching skills through participation in workshops for graduate student teachers and the university's instructional development program.

He has published a history of the University of Saskatchewan and is known across the campus as an authority on university history and precedent. He has served as head of his department and as assistant dean in the College of Graduate Studies and Research, as well as chairing many of the major planning and budget committees at the college level and the university level.

Michael Hayden's research career has been a distinguished one. His areas of research focus include French social and religious history from 1500 to 1800, the history of the non-elite, and the history of Canadian post-secondary education. He has written or edited seven books and more than 25 articles in referred academic journals. At this time, he has several additional articles accepted for publication and another book nearing completion.

The University is proud to present this award to Michael Hayden. As written by another former student: "Professor Hayden's designation as a Master Teacher will simply be official recognition of a status he attained long ago."