David A. Hay

Master Teacher Award - Fall 1997

Professor Hay joined the Department of Sociology during the 1974-75 academic year. He received his Doctoral degree from Iowa State University in 1973. He was tenured in the Department in 1977, and promoted to Associate Professor in 1978.

Professor Hay is one of the most respected teachers in the Department of Sociology. He defines himself as a teacher whose job is to serve students to the best of his ability. He creates an environment conducive to learning where he welcomes questions and does not intimidate students who ask them. Professor Hay gives generously of his time. Even students who are not taking his courses know through the student grapevine that he is willing to help with their assignments in statistics. Professor Hay has served as Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, and as the Coordinator of the College's Affirmative Action program. A direct result of this involvement is the large number of Aboriginal students who seek out his help for academic advising. That these students continue to come to see him is a fair testament to his willingness and ability to help them through the system. Professor Hay has served on Department, College and University committees as well as being active in professional and association activities outside the University.

As a teacher, Professor Hay gives unfailingly of himself both to his own students and to others who need his aid. His ability to impart complex subject matter in simple terms with a clear and concise style enables his students to understand important concepts easily. He teaches in a relaxed and caring manner which is conducive to learning. He encourages discussion, inviting students to challenge him and the class material, and always respects student opinions. That he is able, year after year, to overcome the fears that students bring to statistics and methodology is a testament to his teaching skills. Professor Hay has been described as the kind of teacher you will always remember when reflecting back on your university career.