Karen Chad

Master Teacher Award - Fall 2005

The Master Teacher Award was established to honour those faculty members who excel in teaching and to emphasize the importance of teaching at the University of Saskatchewan. The Selection Committee has chosen Dr. Karen Chad of the College of Kinesiology to receive this prestigious award today. Born and educated in Prince Albert, Karen graduated from the U. of S. with a B.Sc. in Physical Education in 1980, and a B.Ed. the following year. She earned her Master of Arts and Ph.D. degree at the University of Queensland, joining the College of Physical Education as Assistant Professor in 1990. She was promoted to Full Professor in 2002. In July she was appointed Associate Vice-President of Research. 

A former student writes: "Dr. Chad has a well-established reputation among both graduate and undergraduate students as an excellent teacher and mentor. Above all, she is extremely approachable, always has a smile on her face, and takes the time whenever a student has a problem, all while leading a major research grant." She has twice been awarded the USSU Teaching Excellence Award. Her Dean says, "Dr. Chad is committed to excellence in teaching. She has served as mentor of new faculty, she has been a regular participant and contributed to workshops in the Gwenna Moss Teaching & Leaning Centre, and she has been a strong advocate for the importance of teaching within the College of Kinesiology." 

Professor Chad has taught courses ranging from large introductory classes (250 students) to advanced undergraduate and graduate classes. Her teaching evaluations are always consistent; demonstrating her unique ability to adapt her teaching style and philosophy to varied audiences. Karen's teaching philosophy she includes these statements: "I embrace teaching as an opportunity to inspire and empower. I believe this will occur when students become personally engaged with the material and perceive the subject matter to be directly relevant to their own lives." 

Students praise Dr. Chad's subject mastery, her contagious enthusiasm, and her genuine concern for their educational well being: "The atmosphere in a class taught by Dr. Chad was different from most other university classes. She exuded enthusiasm for teaching and genuinely cared for the academic experience of all her students. I was made to feel like I had something to contribute to each class. Always challenging her students, Karen's positive reputation within the College of Kinesiology is well known and consistent." 

Dr. Chad clearly meets all the expectations of this award. She possesses a unique devotion to teaching and scholarship. The University of Saskatchewan is a better place because we have Karen Chad on our faculty. She is most deserving of this high honour.