Sandra Bassendowski

Master Teacher Award - Spring 2011

Sandra Bassendowski is an extraordinary teacher and scholar, and is recognized as a Master Teacher. Her exceptional teaching is visible as she develops and delivers motivating classes, conference, and keynote presentations. University students and colleagues identify Dr. Bassendowski’s pedagogy as the characteristic way she wholeheartedly engages in the art and science of teaching, and stimulates learning with her unique ability to interest, engage, excite, and encourage students to learn and achieve high educational standards. Students, colleagues, and external peers clamored to nominate Dr. Bassendowski, and to highlight her professional teaching, scholarly, and creative work that enriches students’ learning.

Dr. Bassendowski’s exemplary teaching, comprehensive knowledge of nursing and the innovative use of technology captures interest, and stimulates students to imagine “what if..?”. Stories of her outstanding teaching practice, shared by students and colleagues, are affirmed by invitations Dr. Bassendowski receives to present at student graduation ceremonies, university knowledge exchanges, and as the keynote speaker at conferences.  Dr. Lorna Butler, Dean of the College of Nursing, commended Dr. Bassendowski after her Keynote Address for the College of Nursing Fall Homecoming Celebration with these words: “It is important to share with you how eloquently you reached out to the audience …It is truly amazing to watch you connect with people. The term that describes how you do this is authenticity.” In 2010, Dr. Bassendowski received the University of Saskatchewan Provost’s Award for Outstanding College Teaching for the College of Nursing. She is recognized nationally and provincially as an exceptional nurse educator who’s personal and professional contributions make an outstanding and significant impact on the nursing profession with a Canadian Nurses’ Association Centennial Award in 2008, and Dr. Bassendowski received the Elizabeth Van Valkenberg Award for Leadership in Nursing Education from the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association in 2007.

Dr. Bassendowski contributes to the advancement of the values of the University of Saskatchewan. She inspires and advocates for graduate and undergraduate students to explore and develop ideas, to enter their papers into academic competitions, to publish their research, and to share ideas in professional forums. Dr. Bassendowski is recognized internationally for her innovative pedagogy. She received invitations to present her research about teaching and learning at conferences in Austria, Australia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Malta, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. She is currently conducting research regarding the integration of technology in education in Saskatchewan, the Caribbean, and the Philippines. In 2006, Dr. Bassendowski published a book about the history of nursing in Saskatchewan, is currently working on a sequel. The list of accolades and accomplishments that colleagues shared to support Dr. Bassendowski’s nomination for this Master Teacher Award demonstrates her consistent commitment to promote excellence in teaching and learning at the university.